autumn leaves, improvisatorialness

On Wednesday, our choir director introduced a short round as a warm-up. The words are: “Summer sun, autumn leaves, winter comes and then it’s spring”. “Summer sun” is definitely noun modifier + noun, while “winter comes” is definitely noun + verb, but “autumn leaves” could be noun modifier + noun (like “fruit flies”) or noun + verb (like “time flies”) (apropos of which).

She also referred to the “improvisatorialness” of a solo piano piece our accompanist played at a performance last weekend. The internet does not recognise this word, or “improvizatorialness”. There is no standard word for “the quality of improvisation”, but the conductor was easily able to create a noun from the adjective “improvisatorial” and the noun suffix “-ness” and we were easily able to understand her. “Improvisatorial” is recorded in online dictionaries but Google asks “Did you mean: improvisatory?”. “Improvisatoriness” is not record in online dictionaries, but writers have used it, even in published books.


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