Platform – announcements

Trains from platforms 20 and 21 at Central station head around the City Circle via Museum and St James. Relevantly, they have just come from the airport. Most platform and train announcements are impeccably enunciated and recorded. (Recently, a disability commissioner, who is blind and therefore relies on the announcements, officially complained about the previous poor quality.) The announcement played on platforms 20 and 21 (obviously for the benefit of people arriving from the airport) is impeccably enunciated, but sounds like it’s been spliced together: ‘Good morning customers. If – you – have – any – luggage – please – exit – at – front end – of – the – train’. In particular, there’s no ‘the’ before ‘front’. (There are lifts at the front end of the train.)


2 thoughts on “Platform – announcements

  1. The one that always gets me is the terminating train command, ‘All out, all change’ which just makes me want to punch the announcer given that there’s no point changing to another train if you’ve reached your destination. How difficult is ‘All out or change’? That said, wouldn’t something like ‘This train will terminate at Central station. You must get off the train there’ be more easily understood by all the NESB people in Sydney? – although what possesses CityRail to use verbs like ‘terminates’ and ‘alight’ is beyond me.


  2. ‘All out *or* change’ is not really an improvement, because ‘changing’ requires ‘getting out’. Possibly ‘All out. You can change to other trains here.’
    From the personal experience of travelling on South Korean trains for two and a half years, I think there are many people who don’t understand far more words than ‘terminates’ or ‘alight’.


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