Himalayan chocolate ice-cream

It’s just as well I double-checked, because my original point was rendered redundant, but it’s still an interesting exploration, with a moral. This morning passing the snack shop at my local railway station, I noticed ads for fancy-schmancy ice-cream varieties. One was Canadian Maple (not a problem) and the other was (I thought) Himalayan Chocolate. The more I thought about it, the less I could put ‘Himalayan’ and ‘Chocolate’ next to each other in the same noun phrase.

I did some research online; the first result for ‘Himalayan Chocolate’ is a breed of cat, not from the Himalayas, but a cross between Persians and Siamese (note the older names for the countries still used as breeds of cats), named for their resemblance to the Himalayan rabbit, which may not be from the Himalayas either. Himalayan cats are divided into six sub-categories according to which parts (usually the face, ears, feet and tail) are which colour. India appears on some maps of chocolate producers, but not on any lists of leading producers that I saw. I would image that whatever chocolate is produced in India is done so in the south, not in the north.

On my way home, I looked again, and took a photo. It wasn’t until I uploaded the phone from my phone to my computer that I realised that the ad actually says ‘Himalayan Salted Chocolate’. Himalayan salt definitely exists, though I have extreme trouble with the general concept of salted chocolate (though 21 million results on Google suggest that a lot of people disagree with me). I also thought the ad said ‘Vanilla Almond’, which is less problematic, but it actually says ‘Vanilla + Almond’, which is certainly no problem. The other flavour is ‘Canadian Maple with Peanut Butter’, which is no problem, either.

It still leaves the possibility of it being ‘Himalayan (Salted Chocolate)’ or ‘(Himalayan Salt)ed Chocolate’. In the ad, ‘Salted’ and ‘Chocolate’ are a different colour from ‘Himalayan’!

So, the moral of the story is ‘Look carefully and double check’. I still won’t buy the ice-cream, though.20150710_192828 copy


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