How to speak Aussie Abbreviate Everything – Part 2

Over the last few days, a Youtube video has been circulating on social media, and one of my Facebook friends specifically drew my attention to it, called ‘How to speak Aussie Abbreviate Everything’. In it, two young men give 87 pairs of words, in standard form and ‘Aussie abbreviated’ form. (The technical term for this is hypocoristics (“endearing, as a pet name, diminutive, or euphemism“). There’s a lot more to be said about these, which will obviously take some time. For Part 1 ([1] Australia – Straya [2] Football – Footy [3] Tennis Ball – Tenno [4] Biscuit – Biccy [5] Chocolate – Choccy [6] Chocolate Biscuit – Choccy Biccy [7] McDonalds [sic] – Maccas [sic] [8] Laptop – Lappy [9] ACDC – Acadaca) see here.

[10] Devestated [sic] – Devo

[added 25 July] The Macquarie Dictionary online (Macq) records the adjective devo /ˈdɛvoʊ/ (say ‘devoh) (Also, devo’d, devoed), meaning ‘extremely upset’ and also the noun devo /ˈdivoʊ/ (say ‘deevoh), meaning ‘a deviant’. Google searches return many references to the US rock band Devo, which takes its name from the biological concept of devolution (or de-evolution) ‘the notion that species can change into more “primitive” forms over time’ . When I first read the name of the band’s co-founder and lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh (some time after the band’s heyday), I assumed it was a joke name (from ‘mother’s boy’), but apparently it’s his and his brother’s real name.

[11] Definitely – Defo!

[added 6 August] Macq doesn’t record this, but does, citing the Collins English Dictionary: “interjection (Brit, informal) definitely: an expression of agreement or consent’. Wiktionary classifies it as an adverb and even puts it into a sentence: ‘I would defo agree with that’, which sounds very unusual to me (ie, a polite way of saying ‘wrong’).

Still to come:

Morning Tea – Mornos, Afternoon – Arvo, This afternoon – S’arvo, Dinner – Din-Dins, Breakfast – Brekky, Service Station – Servo, Petrol – Petty, Bottle Shop – Bottle-o, Tomorrow – Tomorra, Bowling Club – Bowlo, Garbage Man – Garbo, Postman – Postie, R.S.L. – Arrie or Rissole, Smoke Break – Smoko, [Car] Registration – Rego, Aggressive – Agro, Pregnant – Preggas, Woolongong [sic] – The Gong, Swimming Costume – Cozzie, Mosquito – Mozzie, Tracksuit Pants – Trackie Dacks, Monday – Mondy, Tuesday – Choosdee, Wednesday – Wensdee, Thursday – Thursdee, Friday – Fry-dee, Saturday – Sat-dee, Sunday – Sundee, Birthday – Birthdee, Musician – Muso, U-Turn – Uey, From out west – Westie, Facebook – Facey, Vegetarian – Veggo, Cab Driver – Cabbie, Lipstick – Lippy, Sunglasses – Sunnies, Present – Prezzie, Christmas – Chrissy, Christmas Present – Chrissy Prezzie, St Vincent De Paul – Vinnies, Salvation Army – Salvos, Cup of Tea – Cuppa, Avocado – Avo, Have an Avocado – Avanavo, Spagetti [sic] Bolognase [sic] – Spag Bog/Spag Bol, Underpants – Undies, Beverage – Bevvy, Chewing Gum – Chewy, Toasted Sandwich – Toastie, Methylated Spirits – Metho, Turpentine – Turps, Fellow – Fella, Poverty stricken Person – Povvo, Husband – Hubby, Give me – Gimme, Trying to – Tryna, Hectic – Heckers, Cigarette – Ciggie, Tin can of beer – Tinnie, Schnitzel – Schnitty, Ambulance – Ambo, Fireman – Firey, Cop – Coppa, Bricklayer – Brickie, Tradesman – Tradie, Umbrella – Brolly, Sick day (off work) – Sickie, Kangaroo – Roo, Champagne – Champers, Relatives – Relos, Expensive – Exxy, Brisbane – Brissy, Derelict – Dero, Cabernet Sauvignon – Cab-sav, Kindergarten – Kindy! (One of the young men reads a text message) After smoko I might do down the bowlo sarvo for a schnitty and bevvy with tommo / then I’ll head back to the missus for din dins with the fam and watch some soapies on the tele / hopefully on the way I don’t get pulled over by the coppers .. coz I don’t have me rego.

(h/t Josie Ryan)


3 thoughts on “How to speak Aussie Abbreviate Everything – Part 2

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  2. Mark Mothersbaugh (yes, his real name) is a good friend of my brother. I’ve met him on several occasions at brother’s house and at school functions. He, Mark, wrote music tracks for several commercials my brother directed. He is a very nice and extremely talented guy. So is his brother.


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