Peart dragon

During the week we were wandering through a ‘sort of everything’ shop when I noticed three coffee mugs with drawings and words: ‘Smart mouse’, ‘Gentle snake’ and ‘Peart dragon’. These are possibly related to Chinese astrology (even though ‘rat’ is used more than ‘mouse’). In any case, what does ‘peart’ mean? defines it as ‘Dialect lively; brisk; cheerful’ and a variant of the relatively more common ‘pert’.

I then searched for ‘peart dragon’ and got references to a study of the Book of Revelations by Donald Peart, and a Facebook page for ‘The dragon peart – Movie – 2 people like this topic’. So I searched for ‘dragon peart movie’ and found a trailer for ‘The Dragon Pearl’. But reversing that to ‘Pearl dragon’ really doesn’t make sense next to ‘Smart mouse’ and ‘Gentle snake’.

So, I will probably never know the rationale behind the coffee mug ‘Peart dragon’. But I’m a dragon (in the Chinese astrological sense) and I have to go back to that part of the city soon, so I’ll probably buy it anyway.

PS for more about the year of the dragon, see here.


2 thoughts on “Peart dragon

  1. According to Wikipedia, at least, rats get a better rap in Chinese culture than they do in Western culture: “Ambitious, intelligent, persuasive, sociable, charming, god like, charismatic, shrewd, industrious, meticulous, tenacious, artistic, eloquent”.


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