spoilerific, spoilerful, spoileristic

In yesterday’s post about a Korean movie I saw the day before, I used the word spoilerific. A reader/online friend asked if I’d created that word. No. I’d encountered it in the course of spending too long browsing through discussions of movies on the internet.

Google shows ‘About 125,5000’ results for spoilerific, including the Urban Dictionary and Wikitionary, and ‘About 619’ for spoilerifically, including yesterday’s post on this blog.
In comparison, there are ‘About 3,830’ results for spoilerful and none for spoilerfully (there are false positives in phrases such as ‘Rear Spoiler Fully Adjustable’), and ‘About 553’ for spoileristic and two – count them – for spoileristcally. One of them, regarding Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations (‘Near the novel’s end, Pip has what I will non-spoileristically describe as “a holy-shit kind of experience”.’) raises the question: how soon is too soon? Great Expectations was published in 1861 and Dickens died in 1870.



One thought on “spoilerific, spoilerful, spoileristic

  1. I sometimes see spoilertastic (9180 ghits), which can indicate that something is especially spoilery. Spoilery, incidentally, has a comparatively high Google count, but many are false positives.


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