Best photos August-December 2015

I have just been on holidays for three weeks. One of my few accomplishments has been to select the best photos from my first four and bit months in Korea (with a side trip to Japan).

(I have been having a lot of trouble with WordPress’s photo insertion functions. Among other things, I have not been able to add captions. I know how to, but it won’t let me.) (PS preparing for our trip to Korea in Dec 2022 – Jan 2023, I am attempting to add the captions another way.)

Batch 2 (Jan – Apr 2016) Batch 3 (May – Aug 2016)

I spent four days in Fukuoka Japan getting my visa there because of a delay in processing  ( This is a Japanese garden near Ohorikoen Park. I thought that all gardens in Japan were Japanese garden. This one is a ‘traditional Japanese garden’. IMG_0415Fukuoka castle at nigh, handheld (

IMG_0607ACROS building ( IMG_0629Fukuoka tower ( in Korea. Unless otherwise specified, all buildings are random. IMG_1560Seoul Anglican cathedral (

IMG_1599I lived in Daejeon. Unless otherwise specified, all locations are random.

IMG_1616Daejeon. A neighbourhood with various murals like this.

IMG_2183Gapcheon bridge and Expo tower, Daejeon. IMG_2245Uam historical park, Daejeon.

IMG_1940Daejeon. Summer turning to autumn. 20151005_152113Daejeon.

IMG_2276Daejeon city hall.





IMG_2951For one university function (?official welcome to new staff) we were given a flower each. I didn’t take a photo of it for some time.

20151201_134720Daejeon. The small hill centre right will feature in more photos ( and I did hike to the top of the big one.

IMG_2751Indeed, the view from Sky Park at night.

IMG_2982I travelled to Daegu for two days to see a performance which I later found out was also in my university’s auditorium (with zero advertising). Still, it was an opportunity to go. Two days before had been solid rain, the day before had been totally cloudy, and my one day of sightseeing was like: (from Duryu tower) (see next photo)

IMG_3312Duryu tower from Apsan: IMG_3468A temple on Apsan.

IMG_3421Near the temple.

20151212_162814Uam historical park in the snow.

IMG_3592From Daejeon Sky Park. The Korail towers are just visible.

IMG_3683On Jungangno bridge on Christmas eve.

IMG_3792On Christmas day I hiked to Daejeon fortress


The day after Christmas I caught a bus to Incheon airport to meet my wife who was arriving from Australia. As I reached the airport I saw the full moon rising. I investigated the exact rising time the next night and took my tripod out onto the roof of my apartment building. Because there’s a hill to the east, I had to wait in very cold (but fortunately not windy) weather. Fortunately, I got this. IMG_4055


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