Dreaming in another language

Just before I woke up this morning I dreamed I was a talking to a spokesman for a minority ethnic/language group (I forget which one, or maybe it wasn’t specified in my dream, but it was one which I don’t know about in real life). He started speaking in English, then switched to his own language to speak one sentence to an interpreter. When I woke up, I thought ‘Was I really dreaming a minority language I don’t know in real life (if so, how), or was that just gibberish?’. It certainly sounded genuine.


One thought on “Dreaming in another language

  1. It might have been gibberish, or it might have been a piece of a language you overheard and stored for whatever reason the brain decides to store something.
    I remember a recurring dream I had for many years, starting when I was in primary school and lasting throughout young adulthood. In this dream some people (actually sort of half human half Goofy creatures) spoke at length in a language certainly made up by something in my brain. The sounds sounded like real words and the way the “words” were put together sounded like grammar. Later, during high school, I had many dreams in French and Latin, both of which I was studying at the time.
    Our minds are weirdly wonderful. Yours, so steeped in language, could easily make up an entire language.


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