Koreans taking their shoes off inside

Koreans take their shoes off in houses, apartments and some traditional restaurants, among other places. Some choose or adapt their footwear to be able to do this quickly. Some wear slip-ons of various kinds, while other have the ability to get out of (and back into) lace-ups without untying (and re-tying) the laces. Because of my bad back, getting out of and into lace-ups is a major operation.

My bathroom required maintenance which was just beyond my ability, so I called the university’s housing manager, who called a repairman. They arrived. They both took off their shoes at the door, then the repairman bent down, picked up his shoes, carried them as he walked three steps from the door to the bathroom, dropped them, stepped into them and started working. After some poking around he decided he needed another tool which was in his truck, so he did all that with the shoes in reverse. A few minutes later he came back and did the same thing again, then quickly finished and did the reverse again.

And he didn’t really fix the problem.


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