Best photos Jan – Apr 2016

Batch 1 (Sep – Dec 2015) Batch 3 (May – Aug 2106)

Yeongdeok, New Year’s Day. One of my wife’s sisters lives near the east coast, so we took two buses there, and another sister and her husband drove from Seoul. The stroke of midnight was underwhelming. We got up early and stood in a park overlooking the ocean. Afterwards, we had breakfast with them and other family members who’d stayed elsewhere and joined us later.

IMG_4126Seoul Anglican cathedral  INear IMG_4328Near Daejeon. I forget the name – it was a valley in the mountains and was frozen solid.IMG_4654Daejeon from a temple in Bomunsan. IMG_4765

Daejeon.IMG_4844Gyeryongsan National Park.IMG_4936One of the buildings at Donghaksa, Gyeryongsan National Park.IMG_5060Part of the Donghaksa temple complex (there isn’t much signage in English, so after two visits I still didn’t know what is which). IMG_5076A frozen creek, Gyeryongsan20160202_135252Until this point, the path followed the creek. This is the first serious climb over the mountain to Gapsa and Gongju. I walked to the top of the stairs, but the view was hindered by the low angle of the sun and lots of shadows. I want to walk through to Gapsa on some future visit.  20160202_135807Fennec fox, Daejeon aquarium (which also has a small zoo)IMG_5334Namdaemun, Seoul.IMG_5411Daejeon from Bomunsan, with the Expo tower in the distance.IMG_5442Uam historical park, Daejeon.IMG_5658Sangdangsanseong fortress, Cheongju. I take most of my photos with my camera. I took this one, showing the best overview of this portion of the wall and the main gate, with my phone. Compare this and the next one. 20160217_112517The rear portion of Sangdangsanseong fortress, Chenongju.IMG_5851In one of the buildings of my university. The two people walking past was a happy accident.IMG_5979Daejeon from Sky Park again. I walked up in the snow to take photos. IMG_6029Daejeon.IMG_6191Daejeon Anglican cathedral, Easter DayIMG_6435Spring blossoms, DaejeonIMG_6550In the church garden.IMG_6835National War Memorial, Seoul. On my first trip I took a photo of the inside, showing the stained glass visible at the bottom. I have an inkling that the equivalent statue in Pyongyang is not as conciliatory. 통일을 원한다!

IMG_7140Suburban Seoul from the Seoul city wall near Naksan Park.IMG_7282Dancers, street festival, Daejeon.IMG_7392Street performer, Daejeon.IMG_7526Artwork at a university in Wonju. IMG_7604


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