That’s not a kiwi. *That’s* a kiwi!

Or, with pictures: That’s not a kiwi:


That’s a kiwi:


The topic of the chapter of the textbook was food. I got through it quicker than I’d planned for, but had a worksheet left over from another class. I’d found a photo montage of about 50 common foods and drinks on the internet. Underneath, I’d added some starter questions such as ‘What is this?/What are these?’, ‘Do you like ____? and ‘How often do you eat/drink ___?’ . Most textbooks include  the names of the foods either under each one or together in a a box at the top or bottom. This one didn’t – I wanted to challenge them. (I didn’t know some of them!)

I encouraged the students to speak, and to write the names of the various foods and drinks on the worksheet. I wandered around, and either asked follow-up questions if they’d been speaking, or starter questions if they hadn’t. Inevitably, someone wrote or said ‘kiwi’ for that fruit. Not in my class. 키위 is perfect Korean, and ‘kiwi’ is widely used in English-speaking countries other than New Zealand and Australia (an American colleague unhesitatingly said ‘kiwi’ when I described the fruit to him), but it’s ‘kiwifruit’ in New Zealand (hey, they invented the name) and Australia. If you ever fly into Auckland airport and the customs official asks why you are there, and you say ‘I want to buy and eat one of your famous kiwis’, don’t be surprised if you’re on the next flight home, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Wikipedia’s English page about the fruit is titled ‘kiwifruit’, and the one about the bird ‘kiwi’, while the Korean pages are  키위 (과일) and 키위 (새) respectively.

The other types of kiwis are, specifically, these ones:

and generally, these ones:


Group of people holding Australian flag


(note, that caption came automatically with the photo! I just didn’t delete it.)


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