In-flight movies

The plane offered the full range of entertainment. I first watched Zootopia, then fell asleep, but didn’t sleep long or well. At about 2 am I decided that I wasn’t going to get back to sleep any time soon, so started watching the Korean movie 오빠 생각 (o-ppa saeng-gak)/A melody to remember, which I’d seen entirely in Korean in January and reported about here. This version had English subtitles, so I was able to fill in a few blanks.

I noticed that the subtitles sometimes had the girl addressing her brother as brother and sometimes as bro (and it wasn’t just for reasons of space). Presumably she was calling him 오빠 throughout, which means ‘older brother of a female’. I doubt if the subtitler meant anything by the choice (if it was a choice; there were other obvious mistakes in the subtitles, for example a song about ‘weeping wallows dancing in the stream’, which is actually kind of a cute image).

At their first concert, the children sang a song (from 1.00 in this clip) which I recognised from the ABC Singing and Listening books when I was at primary school. In February, I searched online for what I remembered as the title/chorus (which is in a language other than English) and also for what I remembered as the first line of the first verse (in English) but couldn’t find anything.

The subtitles rendered the title/chorus as strala pumpa, which returned no results. I then tried stadela pumpa, and Google helpfully asked me if I meant stodola pumpa, which is clearly the song in question. The internet has videos of various choirs singing, scores of arrangements, and lyrics of a ‘Czech folk song’, but otherwise very little actual information about its provenance (except that stodola pumpa means barn pump, which is an unusual thing to sing about). I can’t figure out exactly what the children are singing. Strala is not an allowable Korean(-ised) word – Korean doesn’t have consonant clusters.

By the time that finished, the cabin crew were turning the lights on and serving water and juice, so I had to stay awake. I then watched The Peanuts Movie, which I didn’t notice anything linguistic about.

(By the way, can anyone identify the church in the video?)


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