Very best photos of Korea May-Aug 2016

I’m now back in Australia, so these will be the last photos of Korea for a while.

Near Naejangsa temple, Jeolla-buk.067_img_8141Hermitage near Seonunsa, Jeolla-buk. 068_img_8186Motorways to the south of Dajeon.069_img_8393Daejeon.070_img_8466Daejeon.071_img_8527Near Mallipo beach.072_img_8884Mallipo beach, the tower of a zipline.073_img_8922In the grounds of a Roman Catholic church on Anmyeon-do. 074_img_9208Anmyeon-do.075_img_9253National cemetery, Daejeon076_20160607_165039National cemetery, Daejeon077_img_9381Daejeon Anglican cathedral.078_img_9490Suwon fortress and nearby church.079_img_9676Suwon fortress and modern suburbia.080_img_9829Suwon fortress. 081_img_9863Suwon fortress.082_img_9890Sutong-gol valley, near Daejeon.083_20160709_154807Daejeon, I assume.084_img_0252Jamsil bridge, Seoul.085_20160723_125416Lotte tower, Seoul. It is impossible to get all of the tower with nothing else.086_20160723_134016National war memorial museum, Seoul.087_20160723_181831Mangwolsa, Bukhansan national park.088_20160724_132909Uam historical park, Daejeon. Because I’d been there a number of times, I wanted to try something different, so took a batch of monochrome photos.089_20160728_183832National cemetery, Daejeon. Trains played a surprisingly important role during the Korean war. 090_20160801_110844Daecheong dam, near Daejeon.091_20160805_125135A temple somewhere near Daejeon.092_20160808_122156


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