Sunshine on my [noun]

This afternoon when I arrived at my second workplace, the blind was up and sunshine was streaming onto my desk. As I pulled down the blind, I said/semi-sang ‘Sunshine on my shoulders’ and a colleague (about 10 years younger than me, and the only other person in that office who grew up in Australia) ch    ipped in with ‘makes me happy as it should’. Huh? Those last three words aren’t in the song that I know. I said ‘I’m surprised you know that song’. He said ‘Oh, Spiderbait. I know all of theirs.’ Double huh?

Some quick searching online revealed that there are two relevant songs: Sunshine on my shoulders by John Denver and ‘Sunshine on my window’ by Spiderbait. In fact, there are three relevant songs; the official title of Spiderbait’s song is Calypso, which immediately brings to mind John Denver’s song of the same name.

I find it hard to believe that calling a song Calypso and starting it with the words ‘Sunshine on my [noun] makes me happy’ isn’t a direct tribute to John Denver, except that Spiderbait’s song doesn’t sound anything like either of John Denver’s. Intiguingly, Spiderbait’s song was in the Australian charts in June 1997 and Denver was killed in a plane crash in October 1997. If those dates were reversed, it would strengthen the possibility/probability of a connection.

Although I have no memory of Spiderbait’s song, I have heard it before. It is used in the movie 10 things I hate about you, which I saw once a long time ago.

The sunshine didn’t last long – within minutes the clouds started coming over and the forecast is for rain (it hasn’t yet).

(I’m not the first person to speculate about the connection.)

(PS Having listened to the three songs in the course of drafting this post, I have no doubt which one I prefer, which one is bearable but not my style and which one deserves to be expunged from the sound waves. Guess.)


3 thoughts on “Sunshine on my [noun]

  1. Having listened to all three just now (though already familiar with the two Denver songs) my guess would be:
    Sunshine On My Shoulders is the one you prefer
    Calypso by John Denver, is bearable
    Spiderbaits Calypso ought to be expunged
    Not entirely sure I completely agree, however (if that is the correct order). There is something about the Spiderbait tune that is occasionally compelling. Listening closely, I heard a few lines which seemed to be taken from other songs popular in the sixties and seventies. I have to wonder if this was intentional, and if it was intentional were they honoring the earlier songs or making fun of them? Now, in no way am I suggesting that I could, or would want to, listen to a whole lot of Spiderbait, but at least I didn’t find it as offensive as I find much (all?) of, say, rap.


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