What’s in the box?

In an idle moment I looked in a box on the shelf above my desk at work. It was full of a miscellany of small slips of paper for classroom activities taken mainly from the teacher’s resource books of the textbook series (plural) we use, but also from the internet. I don’t know who they belong to (certainly not me) or how long they have been there (many of the elastic bands were brittle or had fallen apart completely) . They were a complete mess. The easiest thing would be to toss them all out, but there could be useful material there, and in some cases someone had gone to the trouble of laminating and exactly cutting the slips (I hate imprecisely cut slips of paper!) so I started sorting them out. An hour’s sorting produced slightly less of a mess. Some activities are self-explanatory, but others are baffling. My aim is to sort them all out, then find the instructions in the teacher’s book, then use them sometime to make it all worthwhile. I don’t know how long that is going to take. I put the more-sorted material at the bottom of the box and the less-sorted material at the top, which I realised later was the wrong strategy.


20170816_144715lowresDuring20170816_151057lowresAfter (so far)20170816_155425lowres

One done – I found which book they are from, and they are now filed



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