Somewhere under the rainbow

Yesterday I noticed that two of the WordPress blogs I regularly read show a rainbow  motif across the top. Maybe those bloggers just want to make their blogs pretty, or maybe they are using the rainbow motif to show their support for gay and lesbian etc rights. That is their choice. Then I noticed that my blog also shows a rainbow motif across the top. That is not my choice. As far as I know, WordPress has decided to show this on all the blogs on its platform (one other blog I irregularly read also shows it). (Maybe it only shows in Australia, given the current postal survey campaign on marriage law in Australia. Will someone not from Australia please tell me whether or not they can see the rainbow motif on my or any other WordPress blog?

I may or may not support any or all proposals for gay and lesbian etc rights, but if I do or don’t, I will decide or not to show, voice, demonstrate etc my thoughts and feelings, including showing or not a rainbow motif at the top of my blog. I can’t find anything on WordPress’s Help about why it has done this, or how to turn it off or on.

You may or may not think that if I may or may not support any or all proposals for gay and lesbian etc rights, then I would have the courage of my convictions and say so, one way or the other. Maybe. I have thoughts and feelings on the topics, but I have no experience about writing about them in the same way that I write about language, music etc.


3 thoughts on “Somewhere under the rainbow

  1. Interesting. Perhaps it’s only visible to people who are actually bloggers on WordPress. My comments still stand, though.

    (Ruth – I can see the rainbow on Rachel’s blog as well.)


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