I love zoom lenses

I try not to rely on the zoom lens on my camera, but when I use it, I really use it.

Today I took this photo with no zoom …


to show you the difference between it and a photo I took yesterday from more-or-less exactly the same spot …


(believe it or not). (It’s hard to hold even a compact digital camera steady with that level of zoom, but I succeeded.)


2 thoughts on “I love zoom lenses

  1. WOW! In the deep past, when I used only film cameras, I didn’t use zoom lenses at all. I relied entirely on single vocal length lenses because the (usually) offered better optics. The newer lenses are amazing in quality, as evidenced by your example above.


  2. I’ve never used interchangeable lenses. They probably do have better optics. My compact digital camera has a reasonable zoom. The best results come from it having a solid surface to lock onto (as here).


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