I really should put linguistic analysis on hold while I’m in church, but a young woman several rows in front of me was wearing a jacket with the words “SCHOOL RUINED MY UFE” on the back. I have no idea why any clothing company would make such a thing, or why anyone with any knowledge of English would buy and wear it. My theory is that someone in a clothing company in a non-English speaking country saw “SCHOOL RUINED MY LIFE” and wrote it down, but wrote the L and I too close together. (end of linguistic analysis at church, beginning of reflection and research at home.) Or maybe it’s a play on “youth”.

Except that there is a song called “School ruined my ufe” (strong language: one f-word right at the end) by a singer named The Pyrate Queen (Rebecca Isbill Davis) of Greenville, South Carolina. But she semi-rhymes “ufe” and “youth”, when she could have used “truth”, “uncouth” or “forsooth”. (implied strong language after the break)

But which came first, the chicken or the egg? Did a clothing company make the jacket then a songwriter/singer write a song after seeing it, or vice versa? No-one on the internet seems to know. There’s a reddit thread, filed under “Korea”, which comes to no firm conclusion about the jacket and doesn’t mention the song. One redditor links to a photo s/he took at a South Korean university festival in 2014. The Pyrate Queen released her song in 2017, which seems to point to the clothing company coming first. Unless I contact The Pyrate Queen, I will never know.

It is easy enough to write L and I too close together. On the internet is a photo of a birthday cake for someone named CLINT.


5 thoughts on ““SCHOOL RUINED MY UFE”

  1. I saw one hoodie with “My school ruined my ufe” earlier this morning, laughed at it and can’t stop thinking about it since, so I searched on google and stumble on your blog. I just want to say that I agree with you. I also think that someone mistook the word Life to Ufe. Thank you for writing this article, at last I found someone else, some people just don’t really understand why I laughed at that sentence so much.

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  2. Thank you very much for your comment. WordPress tells me that this is one of my most-read posts, so obviously there’s a lot of that clothing causing a lot of people to wonder. I’m a bit embarrassed that I can’t give you and everyone else a definite answer – all I can do is notice, think, research, write and speculate.


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