You never know what you’re gonna get

The free sample today was a product of mini jelly beans in 10 colours and 20 flavours, each colour being either a delicious one or an utterly disgusting one. There’s no way of telling which is which. Before Forrest Gump’s mother’s box of chocolates, Excalibur’s  Merlin said “Looking at the cake is like looking at the future, until you’ve tasted it what do you really know? And then, of course, it’s too late.“

The pairs are:
Caramel Corn and Mouldy Cheese
Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Dead Fish
Ba-na-na and Pencil Shavings
Juicy Pear and Booger
Buttered Popcorn and Rotten Eggs
Chocolate Pudding and Canned Dog Food
Futti-Frutti and Stinky Socks
Coconut and Baby Wipes
Green Apple and Minion Fart
Peach and Barf

(You decide which are meant to be the delicious ones and which ones the utterly disgusting.)

Various of my colleagues were trying them and some of them were spitting some of them out. There were mini-packets of eight, presumably four delicious ones and four utterly disgusting ones. I took one mini-bite of each. I kept the utterly disgusting ones down and ate all of the delicious ones.

Now, how did this product come about? Did some executive or marketing guru think “Let’s make disgusting-tasting jelly beans. Hey,  flavour department, come up with 10 disgusting-tasting flavours!”. Or did the flavour department have a horrible accident one day, then think “Hey, we can market these as utterly disgusting!”.

Either way, there is a product which you are potentially going to spit out and throw away half of. I’d rather spend my money something I was going to eat all of. However, many people’s jobs, including, indirectly, mine, depend on people buying these. You decide. (You search, too, if you want to find. I’m not going to give free publicity. Except I probably already have.)


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