3 thoughts on “Must sell

  1. Ahhhh! Another hilarious example of having all of the right words in the sentence, just in the wrong order. When I was in grammar school, one of my favorite sentence mistake to come across was the dangling participle. Throw the cow over the fence some hay, for example. Selling one’s father certainly falls in the right lane.
    You’ve had several examples of delightful ambiguity lately.


  2. I don’t think it’s about word order, but about sentences, including full stops and a capital letter, and leaving words out. I would reconstruct it as:
    Must sell father in nursing home
    Must sell. Father in nursing home.
    I must sell this. My father is in a nursing home. I need money.

    I could *just* accept ‘Throw the cow over the fence some hay’ *if* ‘the cow over the fence’ identifies one particular cow. Imagine that we have two cows. One follows us around and the other is in a paddock. You might say ‘Handfeed this cow with caviar and throw (the cow over the fence) some hay’. It would need that much context, though.


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