601st post – please comment!

This was meant to be my 600th post, but last night I got a rush of blood to the head, posted three times in quick succession and forgot about the number.

I write this blog partly to clarify my own thoughts as an English language teacher and magazine subeditor, and to put those thoughts onto the interwebs for people to read and hopefully learn something about language in general and English in particular, but mainly to be able to interact with like-minded people around the world. WordPress tells me that 25-30 people read my blog each day. Can just one of those please comment and interact with me each day? If this blog means anything to you, please comment. Please, please, please!

To be fair, I have received some comments which I am not convinced are real people and genuine comments. If you want me to reply, please show that you are a real person (WordPress profile, blog or website) and please leave a genuine comment. Apologies to any real person who has left a genuine comment which I have not responded to.


5 thoughts on “601st post – please comment!

  1. I read it! It’s in my RSS feed. Found it (I think) via the Separated By A Common Language blog. I didn’t have much interest in language and linguistics in school, but now I read pretty much anything I can get my hands on on the topic.


    • Dear Natalie,
      Thanks for your comment! I look at Separated by a Common Language occasionally, but because it focuses on UK v NAm differences, I don’t read it in full. I didn’t know that Lynne had mentioned me and I can’t find where she has, so I would be very interested to know where, if you could tell me.
      I was always interested in language, but never got the chance to study a language or linguistics at school or university (or was too interested in sport then music). I have since gained qualifications in English language teaching and linguistics, but I’m struggling to gain any proficiency in Korean?
      Where are you? What do you do (language-related or otherwise)?
      Thanks, David


      • Hmmm… On further investigation, I’m not actually sure how I came across your blog. I found it at some point this summer, but i don’t know where the link came from. If I figure that out, I’ll let you know!
        My husband and I have been traveling around the world for more than a year (we’re currently in Argentina), but my home has been Portland, Oregon for about 15 years. I finished up my master’s degree in public policy last year (with a special interest in US healthcare policy), but now I’m teaching myself data science. I’m going to be diving into Natural Language Processing soon, so maybe I’ll get some hands-on experience with linguistics soon.
        I’ve read before that having fluency in any second language (other than sign language) greatly increases your ability to pick up other languages, and traveling around the world has definitely made me wish I knew more than the very basics of any non-English language. However, I know how to say “thank you” in a dozen languages by now!


    • There was one other comment waiting approval, so is now showing. I know you read this, and thanks for your comments. Comments from people I already know and have contact with elsehow are good, but comments from people I don’t already know are better.


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