One or the other

A Youtube ad offered information on how to make your own soup using essential oils. In the few seconds before I could skip the ad it became apparent that it was really about how to make your own soap. Mix them up if you like, but don’t mix them up, if you know what I mean.

2 thoughts on “One or the other

  1. Was the maker of the ad a Spanish speaker? There’s an old mnemonic for English-speaking students of Spanish that goes: “sopa isn’t soap, and ropa isn’t rope, and butter is meant to kill ya (mantequilla).”

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    • I clicked on ‘skip ad’ as soon as I could because I wanted to continued watching the video I was watching (if Youtube keeps interrupting the videos I am watching, I’ll watch their ads for the shortest time possible), so I didn’t notice anything about the speaker. I’ll clarify that ‘soup’ appeared only in writing (probably as the main title under the video, and certainly at the top-left of the screen), while ‘soap’ was spoken, so maybe someone else was responsible for the mis-spelling.


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