Good luck getting there

(Google Street View)

This sign straddles a motorway west of Seoul. Most notable is the panel at the left. While it used to be possible for some people (workers, tourists in authorised groups) to travel as far as Gaeseong, travel to Pyongyang hasn’t been possible for as long as this motorway has been here. I suspect that everyone driving here knows that. I have a memory that a sign gives distances. Either I’m misremembering or there’s another sign. Seoul and Pyongyang are 195 km apart, and it is theoretically possible to cover that in approximately 2 hours. Practically …

The text at the bottom of the left-hand panel says South-North exit/entry ticket office

(I suspect that the road signs on the other side of the border don’t include Paju and Seoul.)


2 thoughts on “Good luck getting there

  1. Generally, I’ve observed that at least in the USA, standard highway signage shows both the immediate destination (e.g. next exit) and the ultimate destination (terminus) of the highway you’re on, for the assumed primary purpose of identification. There’s usually no expectation that someone driving on that road would be planning to drive all the way to that second location, and it would be infeasible in many cases without stopovers anyhow. All it indicates is that the road physically goes there, with no promise of getting you there efficiently or conveniently. That would certainly apply to a road in ROK that winds its way into DPRK.

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  2. Distance or not, I think the basic expectation of seeing a destination on a road sign is that you *can* get there, not just that the road goes there.

    As far I can see from Google Maps, the first sign facing a traveller from the north (*cough* the North Korean army) is a sign saying Seoul ->. (The road straight ahead also goes to Seoul, but is older, narrower and bendier.)


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