Sitting at the next table to us in a expensive restaurant in a major tourist area was a young person of Asian appearance wearing a t-shirt/sweatshirt/windcheater with the words NOY THE RIENT. 

This made no sense to me in any language I am familiar with. Later, I asked my Facebook friends, but none of their suggestions were convincing. I have encountered ’rents as slang for parents, and noy could similarly be annoy, which I haven’t encountered. If this is the meaning, then the next question is why a presumably Chinese clothing company would put it on its product. 

I’ll put a break here to give you time to think about it.

Searching for “noy the rient” (in quotation marks for exact match) returned absolutely nothing. Very soon, this will be only occurrence of this phrase on the internet. Searching without quotation marks returned “Showing results for not the orient”. I think that’s what it’s meant to be, but the next question is still why a presumably Chinese clothing company would put it on its product. But common experience shows that presumably Chinese clothing companies are often very random with their English. There’s obviously a market for clothes with very random English on them. I wouldn’t buy clothes with text in another language without making very sure that the text was correct and meant something meaningful. But then again I very rarely buy clothes with text on them, anyway.


One thought on “NOY THE RIENT

  1. I had my suspicions about the English text on clothes made in Asia. On one trip to Korea I saw a youth wearing a T-shirt that said “I’m the good kid” (remembering as best I can after many years). It occurred to me that perhaps the maker of that shirt thought they were expressing the notion “I’m a good kid” and missed the subtleties of the English article system. As written, it was an aspersion cast upon the character of the youth’s presumed sibling (sort of like “I’m with Stupid” would be in America).


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