And vice versa

American writer Dorothy Parker may or may not have said (strong language warning):

I’m too fucking busy … and vice versa.

At least various people, most influentially Oscar Levant, said that she did. 

A few days ago, an online friend who lives in a colder part of the USA posted:

Baby, it’s fucking cold outside.

So I commented:

And vice versa. 

I seem to remember using the same comment several weeks or months ago, but she posts so often that it’s impossible to scroll back to find it. But I did find among her posts:

Never fuck with someone who uses the phrase “It is what it is” They are fucking dangerous.


THERAPIST: How would you say you learn best?
ME: The fucking hard way. 

And vice versa.

But not every use of fucking as an intensifier can be used in this way. A brief search online found:

If you can read this, you’re too fucking close > *you’re too close fucking.

Each of the examples so far has fucking followed by an adjective, but fucking can also be followed by other word classes, and can be vice versaed with better or worse results:

You’re a fucking god/dess > You’re a god/dess fucking; You’re a fucking sexy god/dess > You’re a sexy fucking god/ess > You’re a sexy god/dess fucking
I fucking killed [him/her] last night > I killed [him/her] fucking last night 

There’s obviously some constraint on when this can happen, which would obviously take some more fucking research to ascertain.


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