Hoju soju

I can’t remember if I searched or Google decided I needed to know, but I saw the website of Gyopo Soju, the first Australian-made soju, which I haven’t tried yet, so I can’t recommend or not. While gyopo (교포) usually refers to Koreans living in other countries, I think they’ve missed the chance to call themselves and their product 호주 소주.


2 thoughts on “Hoju soju

  1. Since the Wikipedia entry for “Korean diaspora” that you linked to contains this passage:

    The historically used term gyopo (교포/僑胞, also spelled kyopo, meaning “nationals”) has come to have negative connotations as referring to people who, as a result of living as sojourners outside the “home country”, have lost touch with their Korean roots.

    so, how about “sojourner soju”?

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    • Possibly. There’s something about 3 syllables that makes it less snappy than 2 syllables. I assume that they know the word gyopo but may not know the word sojourner.
      Sojourn(er) is/are not (a) word(s) I would naturally use. Several times on this blog I’ve typed ‘During my first/second stay in Korea’. I don’t like ‘stay’ but can’t think of any other reasonable option.

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