“salad mice”

I happened on the Youtube channel of a young American couple apparently living and working in South Korea and touring occasionally. The auto-subtitles were on, and one video included the phrase

salad mice 

Because I could see their video and hear them speaking, I knew what they were talking about, but I’ll leave it with you with no context.

Alright … first clue, it was during a video of them walking through Gosu cave, Danyang (where I visited in 2007).

Second clue, it was immediately followed by

stalact types

I was fully expecting there to be no search results for “salad mice” (in quotation marks for an exact match), but there are about 35,000 results, mostly for decorating salads with edible mice. On the other hand, there is “About 1 results” for “stalact types”, on a Facebook page I can’t identify and which also includes stalag types

For the record, the two words are stalagmite (which might grow to reach the roof of the cave) (about 11,300,000 results) and stalactite (which has to hold tight to the roof) (about 14,400,000 results).

PS 13 Sep: as well as subtitles on videos by Americans in South Korea, there’s signage on South Korean shops in videos by South Koreas in South Korea. One sign on one shop in one video read: PRIDE CRAP (hint, it was at a seafood market).


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