Korea trip 2022-3, day 3 – 31 Dec

Bus to city to collect backpack, which I’d left at the restaurant last night, two trains and taxi to Mangwon (west of city) to meet friend KJ, lunch, walk to Mangwon Han River park, Battleship Park, walk along river to Sky Park, then past World Cup stadium to KJ’s apartment, dinner, two buses home

Cloudy but dry, cloud cleared late, temperature -9 to 5. Steps 24,884 (approx 17.4 km) (which would otherwise have been a record, except for yesterday) (much flatter than yesterday; the road up to Sky Park isn’t onerous). Bus, 2 trains, river and park walk, 2 buses. Food: lunch, hanjeongshik (rice with many, many side dishes to be mixed together); dinner sushi, fish roe and kimchi soup, stir-fried beef and bean sprouts

(Google Maps’ location tracker isn’t very accurate – the walk across the Han River just didn’t happen. Possibly Naver or Kakao maps is more accurate, but I’m used to this now.


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