Korea trip 2022-3

I am way behind on this. We got back to Australia on 27 Jan and I’ve been very busy since then. I’m going to publish a summary first, then add the details some time before our next visit.

Day 1 – Thurs 29 Dec 2022
Sydney to Incheon to Mokdong.

Day 2 – Fri 30 Jan.
I walked from Dongdaemun gate to Namsan to Namdaemun gate. My wife J joined me for a light festival at Gwanghwamun plaza.

Day 3 – Sat 31 Dec
We met our friend KJ near Mapo and walked along the river to Sky Park and the World Cup Stadium.

Day 4 – Sun 1 Jan 2023
We went to Gangdong to meet various of J’s family for New Year’s Day.

Day 5 – Mon 2 Jan
I walked along the old city wall from Hyehwamun (north-east gate) to Naksan Park, then to Daehangno, where I met J. We went to Ihwa mural village then to Seolleung (near Gangnam) for dinner with one of her friends and her husband.

Day 6 – Tues 3 Jan
We went to Songdo near Incheon – our first overnight trip.

Day 7 – Wed 4 Jan
We went to Wolmido near Incheon and briefly to Chinatown Incheon.

Day 8 – Thurs 5 Jan
I went to Nodeulsom (a small island in the Han River) and Seoullo 7017 (an urban park on a disused overpass road near Seoul station)

Day 9 – Fri 6 Jan
Our friend HK collected us and KJ and drove us to her place in Seongnam, then we went to Namhansanseong (briefly, because we were planning a longer visit later).

Day 10 – Sat 7 Jan
We joined an informal hiking group to hike part of Inwangsan (near north-east of downtown Seoul) before late lunch in a restaurant near Gwanghwamun.

Day 11 – Sun 8 Jan
We went to Seoul Forest park, then to Jamsil/Seokchon. I walked around the lake and J hit Lotte department store.

Day 12 – Mon 9 Jan
I went to Ansan (near north-west of downtown Seoul) then joined J and some friends at an interactive Gustav Klimt exhibition.

Day 13 – Tue 10 Jan
We went to Gapyeong, Petite France, the Garden of the Morning Calm and Namiseom – our second trip away.

Day 14 – Wed 11 Jan
We walked around Namiseom before returning to Seoul.

Day 15 – Thurs 12 Jan
I went to the Olympic Park World Peace Gate, Mongchontoseong, the Baekje-era earthen fortification, and the sculpture park.

Day 16 – Fri 13 Jan
We went to Gwangmyeong Art Cave with a friend.

Day 17 – Sat 14 Jan
I went to Daejeon, where I lived and worked from 2006 to 2009 and 2015 to 2016, to meet friends.

Day 18 – Sun 15 Jan
I returned to Suwon, where I met J and two friends who have returned to Korea from Australia. We went to the Toilet House and Hwaseong fortress.

Day 19 – Mon 16 Jan
We went to a spa resort near Jecheon with HK and KJ, then stayed in a cabin nearby.

Day 20 – Tues 17 Jan
I walked around the local area, including a small temple, then we went to Baeron Roman Catholic historical site/sanctuary (nearby) and SAN art gallery (near Wonju).

Day 21 – Wed 18 Jan
I went to Coex Mall and Bongeunsa temple.

Day 22 – Thurs 19 Jan
I walked the Uiryeong-gil road through Bukhansan national park, including Seokguram temple (not the famous one near Gyeongju).

Day 23 – Fri 20 Jan
We went to Namhansanseong with HK, and briefly to a light festival in the evening.

Day 24 – Sat 21 Jan

We went to one of J’s sisters-in-law’s apartment then the other’s on Seollal eve. I took two photos the whole day, both of food.

Day 25 – Sun 22 Jan (Seollal, lunar new year)
We started at one sister-in-law’s apartment. The other sister-in-law drove us to another sister’s apartment, then the brother-in-law drove us to Yeongdeok, on the other side of the country. It was dark by the time we got there. Lots of food for breakfast and dinner, and very little in between.

Day 26 – Mon 23 Jan
We went to various places along the coast with family.

Day 27 – Tues 24 Jan
I went to Yeouido on a very cold and windy day.

Day 28 – Wed 25 Jan
We went to Insadong and the National Folk Museum with two friends from Australia who were travelling at the same time (and would be on our flight the next day).

Day 29 – Thurs 26 Jan
On our last night and morning, it snowed.


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