Korea trip 2022-3, day 6 – 3 Jan

Bus to Sinjeongnegori station, train to Sindorim, change to Bupyeong, change to Central Park (Songdo, Incheon), pizza for lunch, I walked around the lake park and J went shopping, galbi (barbecued marinade pork) for dinner. 

Our first overnight trip away. It is probably just possible to visit Wolmido (former island, historical site off Incheon, with park and amusement park) and Songdo (anther former island, now a major development) in one day, but J had the idea to stay overnight. 

Clear, occasionally cold when windy, -12 to 1. Steps 16,339 (approx 11.4 km). Bus, 3 trains. Food: prosciutto and rucola pizza, galbi bbq.